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Yeezy Yeezy: What will it be like?

Yeezy Yeezy: What will it be like?

Three likely outcomes for Yeezy products: destroy it, rebrand it, export it — or maybe not

As Yeezy kicks off summer sales with a three-pronged push for the next couple of months, there are really only a few ways this one-size-fits-all fashion brand is going to go.

But for the company that has spent the last six years trying to figure out what a global fashion brand should be and how one should sell it, Yeezy is one of the most interesting of the new crop.

For example, a Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy: how will it be different? And if Yeezy does go global, how will that change its sales and revenue? And if Yeezy has a successful run of the three-pronged push going, what happens to the company?

As of Thursday, Yeezy’s new online shop and flagship store in New York City have already begun sales, but this is just the first quarter of the year. If Yeezy finds success with its launch, we will likely see growth across the board for all three of the lines that comprise Yeezy line — the Yeezy Boost, Yeezy Boost 350 and Yeezy Red.

The first three items sold on Yeezy’s new site include the Yeezy Boost 350 and the Yeezy Boost 360, both of which have been given a “Made in the USA” label. Yeezy still sells Boosts and Boosts still sell $50-level merchandise.

So what will Yeezy be selling? Yeezy fans will likely know by now that Yeezy will not be selling the Yeezy Boost 360. But will that stop its rise as a global fashion player? Or is it just the right thing to do?

It will be a while until we have a good answer to that question, but we will know more for sure

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