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Why Your Power Is Off

Why Your Power Is Off

Is your water or power being shut off? You have options. Keep in mind, it is not our decision on whether to shut off a power or water line, it is the decision of our homeowner.

The utility is doing something right:

The utility industry is growing leaps and bounds, and it’s a very profitable industry. More and more of us, especially my age group, are turning to the utilities to provide us more needed services. It’s also great for the economy, because the energy that the utility generates in California is helping power all of the things we use everyday.

But the truth is, no utility company can guarantee reliability, because as the owner of your own home you are the one who decides if the power is on or off.

There are thousands of reasons why your power might go off unexpectedly, so let’s review a few of our common problems, and the typical solutions.

When is your power turned off?

Your power might be turned off during a power outage, or a routine maintenance event – these are normal – but your power might go out for no reason. Sometimes, utility service providers will shut off the entire service for maintenance reasons, or when there is a sudden power outage.

You need us to know this is happening, so we can stop the damage before it starts.

Notices are sent to the property address if the power is turned off at night. If there is no power at all, this notification will not be sent.

If your service is disconnected during high usage times, or high temperatures, and power for the entire building is not returned within two days, this is also a good reason to call us.

Your service is off because something has died. We will check the wiring to try and determine what the problem might be.

The wiring is burned out or something has shorted the circuits. This is the most common cause. If it is a fuse, we can replace it. If it is a circuit breaker, we can replace it, either with a new circuit breaker, or replace the fuse with a breaker.

A broken water line will most likely cause your water to be turned off

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