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Why England will win the World Cup in Brazil

Why England will win the World Cup in Brazil

Germany Meets the Moment and Keeps its World Cup Hopes Alive

It’s been a long wait for England fans, with their team winning the World Cup, but now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

The World Cup will be played out at either one of the two venues where the team qualified. This way, when the tournament does finally decide on which country wins, it’ll be a fair test of how things will go in Brazil. Here’s why:

The British team is one of the best in the world, and has been for a long time. It’s a well-spoken, well-coached team, which has been given a lot of credit for bringing their team to this stage. These games will be incredibly close, but given they haven’t faced an opponent that was capable of beating them in the qualifying stages, a draw is the very least the team should expect to win.

And they will win. Because the manager they have in Gareth Southgate, has never been one to make the predictable, often results-based decisions and has always looked out for a team that has a chance of winning.

This time, he did the unthinkable and put in some good players that had been undervalued during the qualifying stages. The likes of John Stones, Jordan Morris and Harry Maguire showed that they are very good, and the team they have at the club shows they have world-class players that are capable of winning the most epic of matches.

The question is this: how many World Cup victories has England ever won, and what have they done in comparison to the other teams in the tournament?

In comparison, the team that qualified for the tournament — Germany.

Germany qualified, as did Croatia. In fact, when the tournament was announced, the Germans were favourites. Their World Cup success story has a very special place in the country’s memory, and they’ve brought glory to the country a multitude of times over the years.

What they have achieved in Germany has been nothing short of staggering, and it’s been done in the most remarkable of ways. They took on the best footballing teams in the world, made them come

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