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Weather Forecast for Monday, Jan. 14

Weather Forecast for Monday, Jan. 14

Cooler temperatures — and maybe some showers — headed to SoCal this weekend.

But don’t get too excited: The weather looks cold and unsettled at best.

“It’ll be cold and maybe a little bit of rain,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dave Edwards told The Post. “But it’ll be mostly windy.”

The weekend promises to be a challenge for many of Southern California’s skiers, with several storms headed our way Sunday and Tuesday. If you’re looking for some early-season powder, look elsewhere.

If you aren’t worried about any storms, the weather looks a little uncertain this weekend. But stay tuned for more details on the weather on Monday.

Here’s a look at what’s in the forecast for Monday, Jan. 14:

Sunny skies

Monday morning: A few wispy hints of sunshine and a little rain are possible this morning; maybe even some sunshine by 11 a.m.

Early morning: Clouds building in the afternoon; rain with a chance of flurries in the evening, but mostly cloudy late.

Monday morning: A few wispy hints of sunshine and possibly some sunshine by 10 a.m.

Monday afternoon: A few rain showers with the possibility of a few flurries.

Monday evening: Some late-afternoon sunshine, a few more clouds and a chance of rain showers after sunset.

“It’s going to be somewhat cold, but with the warmest air of the winter, that’s not the worst-case scenario,” Edwards said. “We’ll be able to see some sunshine, but temperatures will keep falling.”

On Sunday, there was a chance of a shower or two in the morning and a late sunset with cloudy skies. But it never materialized.

“We had a storm that was moving through the South Bay, and it’s just moving into the East Bay,” Edwards said.

Then, on Monday, a “possible” storm is expected to move through the region, according to Edwards.

It looks like the weekend looks like it will be clear — but the weather forecast isn’t set in stone

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