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The Woman King Is Not a Woman of Color

The Woman King Is Not a Woman of Color

Opinion: What calls to boycott ‘The Woman King’ are really saying

What calls to boycott “The Woman King”?

By the Time’s Up, for a moment in time, did not exist. The movement that has galvanized and captivated many for the past few months, has inspired people from every facet of this nation, in hopes of creating change. The majority are calling for boycotts, on the basis of their moral and social convictions. On the other hand, with the amount of negative publicity this movie has received over the past few weeks, it begs the question of whether or not the film is really portraying the women in this manner. It is the same question I had when watching the movie and not being able to judge it based on my own experiences. It should be said, that the way this story is being told is, of course, the fault of the man (The King) who made the film, and his wife(The Queen). Their behavior has been the downfall of many women, many of whom are being hurt by their behavior. It does not matter what the woman says. They do not get it. They simply do not get it. Even when it comes to an African-American woman whose husband will not give her a divorce. We cannot blame the men, the producers, the director and the screeners. We must blame ourselves. How could you allow a man to make a movie about you, when the man who actually loves you is not allowed to see you in your natural state? No, now is the time. You’ve been duped, and now you know the facts. Don’t believe these lies. Be on the lookout for your real husband. He is waiting for you. This is the time for women to stand up and demand full equality. This time, you shall not be silenced or ignored just because of who you choose to love.

No, now is the time. You’ve been duped, and now you know the facts.

Good for her. And the rest of the millions of women who have been duped.

It never has been about gender and race. I have watched movies about the women I love, and the men who love them. Just because she had a white skin did not mean she was any different, even though she was a woman of color. But I respect her for standing up

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