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The Wisconsin Elections Are Important for This Country

The Wisconsin Elections Are Important for This Country

I’m Ron Johnson: This is why I want Wisconsin’s vote in the midterm election to be counted. (All photos: Kenosha News via AP)

Wisconsin voters head to the polls on Tuesday to elect a new U.S. senator – and in that respect, the elections of a day, the results from a single state, are of critical importance for this country.

It’s a little bit like the end of a football game to me. The stakes are high, but when we walk out, the final score is meaningless.

This is particularly true when all we’re doing is asking our leaders to do what’s right. That’s just what we do in this country. We elect and then we listen. If we don’t listen, we don’t get a vote.

That’s why I wanted to find something else to focus on after Tuesday’s presidential primary. It’s not just a presidential election, it’s about our most important political office – a very high-stakes one.

I want to make sure all of my readers and especially readers from Wisconsin do what they do best: listen to the voters and do what’s right.

That’s why in the hours before polls closed on Friday, I was going down Wisconsin’s most populous county, Dodge, where I was in town because I was scheduled to be part of a Wisconsin State Theater debate in Dodge at 8:30 pm.

(On a more serious note, this was the first presidential debate I’m going to be in on the road, which meant I had to get up at 4:30am to catch a flight to Dodge. Even more sobering, I arrived in Dodge at 7:30pm…but once I did the drive from my hotel to the hotel ballroom to find out that the debate was already over.)

As it happened, a debate was hosted

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