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The fatal crash in Porter Ranch left two teens dead

The fatal crash in Porter Ranch left two teens dead

Driver in Porter Ranch car crash that killed two teens will face charges, police say

A car crash in Porter Ranch that left two teens dead is being called a “freak accident,” and the teen driver could face charges in the hit-and-run, authorities say.

The crash occurred near Westview Terrace and East Paseo in Porter Ranch on Saturday afternoon. The victim driver, then 16, of Porter Ranch had been driving with his 9-year-old sister when they collided with another vehicle, authorities said. The driver of the other vehicle, 25, of East Porter Ranch was not injured and did not need medical attention.

Both teens were taken to a local hospital, where they were later pronounced dead.

The driver of the other car, a 55-year-old resident of Porter Ranch, remained with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office on Sunday. The crash is being investigated by the Chino Police Department, the Riverside Department of Public Safety, the California Highway Patrol and the National Transportation Safety Board.

It is being called a “freak accident,” San Bernardino Valley PBS News reported.

“There’s no way to do the math in the back of the head, but in a freak accident, it is. It was a freak accident,” the sheriff’s office told KPCC. “I am completely shocked and saddened by it.”

The two teens who died were apparently not wearing seat belts when they were killed in the crash, according to the sheriff’s office.

Porter Ranch resident Robert A. Smith said he saw the fatal car crash Saturday afternoon, CBS San Francisco reported.

“It looks like somebody tried to run them off the road to be honest with you,” he said. “It looked to me like a lot of people in that car tried to stop them.”

The driver was not injured in the crash, the sheriff’s office said.

When deputies arrived at the scene, the driver’s car was found totaled, the station said. The front end was crushed, with

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