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The Duchars: The Family’s Choices

The Duchars: The Family's Choices

Trusting her director’s confidence, Gabrielle Union goes against her own grain for “Luther,” a story that tells of a woman’s struggle to be faithful and a man’s journey to forgive his father.

This episode of “Succession” profiles Arianna Huffington, the founder of The Huffington Post and a former presidential candidate. Heading into her new role, Huffington had to leave her family behind. But she’s now determined to prove that there’s a place for women in business and that there’s a place for the outspoken founder and CEO of the controversial, highly-influential online publication.

This week, on “Succession,” we’ll visit with Susan Wojcicki, co-founder of Kickstarter and Twitter, and talk about her new venture with the Twitter board members. It’s a move that’s going to be one to see, as many entrepreneurs fear how much they will control when they choose a board.

We’re also going to be chatting with a pair of women with impressive names, Susan Wojcicki and Angela Ahrendts, about a new service that they’re pitching to investors. Theirs is called “Venture Capital Disruptors.”

And finally, it’s the season finale of “Succession.” It’s a moment of reckoning for a family as they face the choices that life has to offer them, as Gabrielle, a young woman going through an extremely challenging time in her life, decides that she wants more of a family than a husband–so she’s prepared to take her boyfriend’s last name and start a family.

It’s a choice that could have devastating consequences for his family as well. So we’re going to be talking about how the decisions that are made can impact everyone around them. It could be a family member who decides to take part or it may not be, and how Gabrielle and the Duchars are about to find out whether it really is.

This week on “Succession,” we’re going to be talking about a unique company offering the world the opportunity to work from the comfort of your own home.

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