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Measure LA and the College for All Amendment

Measure LA and the College for All Amendment

Endorsement: Vote yes on Measure LA to invest in community colleges

Measure LA would invest $750 million to improve community colleges and increase access to higher education.

Measure LA would help our community colleges and universities, and make them the best they can be. It would also increase opportunity for students at our community colleges by providing them with affordable and accessible affordable higher education.

Measure LA is an opportunity to invest in the future of California higher education. We cannot afford the long-term deficits that continue to plague community colleges. We cannot afford to wait and suffer a second generation of students who have already waited too long.

I will be working with my Assembly colleague, Mark Stone, to ensure that Measure LA brings a comprehensive, long-term investment to our community colleges.

Please Vote Yes on Measure LA.

Support the College for All Amendment

The College for All Amendment is sponsored by the California Community College Student Association.

The California Community College Student Association will sponsor an online referendum this year to be held during the August 1st deadline for the general election, the June 30th deadline for the primary, and after the general election.

The California Community College Student Association will run an online ballot measure campaign that will be managed and coordinated by Vote NO CA. The campaign will include the use of social media, paid advertising and public service announcements.

Measure LA and the College for All Amendment would provide California community colleges an extra $750 million in taxpayer funding over the next ten years.

Funding for high-need community colleges is often reserved for higher education institutions that have a strong relationship with the community. For example, California community colleges are eligible for certain funding, but not all community colleges receive funding in the same way.

Measure LA would fund a comprehensive statewide investment to all California community colleges that would include resources such as:

Increased access for students

Better career preparation

Better student success

The addition of this

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