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Lewis Hamilton, F1 World Champion, Reminds the World Why he Left McLaren

Lewis Hamilton, F1 World Champion, Reminds the World Why he Left McLaren

Lewis Hamilton Reflects on His Next Step in F1

Lewis Hamilton’s time at McLaren has been nothing short of magical. With a remarkable array of sponsorship and partnership support from a global roster of partners, the Briton is only 22 years old, having scored his first world title just six races into his F1 career, his second with Renault team, in 2015. He has won a combined total of 31 races thus far, and with only seven races remaining in 2017, it is clear that his star is on the rise.

While enjoying his success across three different teams there has been no lack of accolades and praise heaped upon him by his peers and media alike, most of which have been positive. One person who has not been able to get their head around it is Hamilton, who was asked several times by journalists at last week’s Hungarian Grand Prix to ‘tell the world why you are the best’. He has said it is a bit complicated, but now he has had a chance to reflect upon his decision to leave McLaren for Red Bull and make his case for being the best.

“To be honest I think the question you should have been asking is why am I here? I love racing and I love being the world champion and winning trophies and everything. The fact that people have put the two in the same sentence shows how much they appreciate it. You ask a driver like Lewis, the first thing he’ll say is I love racing. I have loved racing my whole life.” Lewis Hamilton, F1 World Champion

Red Bull in a nutshell

“You have to say about my decision to leave McLaren was a long time coming. I didn’t think it was coming just now, I didn’t think it would come to the point where I’ve have to make the decision. In a way, I’ve been lucky I’ve been able to do everything I wanted so far. And as a sport, I think it’s time to move on and see where it goes from here and see what’s next. But you can’t say it’s easy and you’re always looking for the silver lining. I’ve worked in Formula One my

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