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Kanye’s Lawyers Are Trying to Save His Business

Kanye’s Lawyers Are Trying to Save His Business

As his businesses fall apart, Kanye West reportedly hires Depp lawyer Camille Vasquez to help him make a deal with Epic Records.

Yasiel Peña, a hip-hop journalist and journalist for the Associated Press, claims to have new information regarding Kanye’s current business status. She also claims to be the source for this article.

In her new story, Peña claims to have heard that Kanye plans to hire lawyer Camille Vasquez to save his business in the near future. The lawyer will manage the $20M of debt due to his various failed ventures, and will be handling his deal with Epic Records.

Vasquez, according to Peña, has been called in to represent Kanye’s interests, but Peña believes that he has been tasked with working with his lawyers.

The lawyer, according to Vasquez, has agreed to an $8 million deal with Kanye, and that he will be in control of Kanye’s business until the deal is complete. She said that Kanye has been trying to meet with her, but Kanye never calls her, but he has not shown up at any of Kanye’s businesses in the past two months.

Peña claims that Kanye’s former accountant was fired, and that Kanye was fired in February, though she does not specify why he was fired. Peña says that Peep received the money owed to him, Peña will be paid, and that Kanye has other businesses to pay off his debts. Kanye’s lawyers have been telling him that he owes his business $20 million, but Peña says that he did not pay her $1 million she was owed.

Meanwhile, West has continued to sell merchandise on his website, without any new updates since February. A “free” t-shirt with “I love Yeezy” was sold for $95, and a poster of himself with one of his new wives, Kim Kardashian, was sold for $400. His company, “The Yeezy Team,” is reportedly selling more “Yeezy merchandise” on its website than any other business on the internet. Kanye West has only posted new artwork for a couple of his other products.

Peña also claims to have an inside track on Kanye’s upcoming tour dates. She also stated that he is set to be fined for not showing up for his

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