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Joe Biden’s Stroke Was the Slowest I’ve Ever Experienced

Joe Biden’s Stroke Was the Slowest I’ve Ever Experienced

Fetterman Says He Knew a Debate Would Not Be ‘Easy’ After Stroke, His First, He Says

The most devastating stroke to ever affect Sen. Joe Biden’s life took him by surprise, but at least he told his story and let his friends and family know he was in pain:

A few days later, my speech was the slowest I’d ever experienced, like something out of a low-budget horror movie,” he wrote in a Facebook post. “I didn’t know when the speech would return, but it did and I was able to walk a few steps a day because of the walker, but my speech would slow down with each step and I’d have to rest until it returned to normal.”

This is part of the story, and part of the conversation on The War Room today, as we talk with a range of supporters.

“I’m not going to take a day off,” Biden told me in early May of 2017, “because I’m not going to take a day off.”

The two-time vice president of the United States said he was “proud” to have been the subject of “one of the most intense and personal attacks that I have ever faced,” and it left him “completely devastated and in a state of shock,” he said. Joe Biden, who had just announced his second run for the presidency had suffered a stroke on a national stage after an attack on a campaign team on a Washington, D.C. street.

Biden, who in his speech said he would return to work, said he was able to recover with the help of his physical therapist after the attack, which he said “had a profound effect on everything I believed in,” including his health.

“This is part of the story,” he told me. “Everything I’ve heard is that Joe and I are the same person. Joe isn’t going to take a day off. Joe is not in a position to take any days off. I can tell you this: He isn’t coming back.”

“It was a difficult time for him,” Biden told me. “I got to take some questions after the speech today. I’m not going to take a

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