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Indonesian Football Federation Says Extremists Caused the Stamped On Players and Friends

Indonesian Football Federation Says Extremists Caused the Stamped On Players and Friends

129 dead after fans stampede to exit Indonesian soccer match

A stampede that ensued after some of the match’s fans allegedly stampeded on a player and his friends — injuring 19 people — has left the Indonesian football federation with at least 50 people dead and more than 160 people injured. The Indonesian government blamed a group of fans for the deaths, calling them “extremists.” The players they injured were also hospitalized.

The death toll, in the hospital, and in hospital and on the sideline, according to sources, is now 59. The wounded number is almost 160. The Indonesian government has begun to investigate.

The incident takes place in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, late Tuesday night, a few hours before a match against the Indonesian Super League team, PT Pertamina, who are also located there.

In the hospital, 19 people are being treated for injuries after being trampled.

In a press conference, the Indonesian Football Federation said that an “extremist group of some 20-25 people” attacked the players from the match and caused the stampede, injuring 19 people. One of the players was hospitalized but his condition remained stable. The injured, according to the federation, are nine football fans and 10 persons, all of them of the same nationality, from the fans club. The federation said that the attack on players and fans was not planned but was caused by members of a group of fans who had been fighting with other fans and had caused altercations.

The federation said that the attack occurred after three police units arrived on the scene to restore order. The federation said that the death toll is 59 and injuries to 158 people, most of them suffering from multiple amputations, were treated in six hospitals. It said that the wounded number was around 200 people.

The federation said that the fans trampled on the players and on some of their friends. Some of the club’s players, including the striker, were taken away by the police and were hospitalized, while the injured were taken to Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia. The injured players needed amputations and all were hospitalized with serious injuries, the federation said.

The football federation said that the

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