Michael Savage: ‘Enough With The New York Times Or The Republicans’

I’m tired of watching the New York Times being able to continue to suck us all dry and destroy the Republican Party because of the shamelessly stupid garbage they spew. So last week, I…

Michael Savage: 'Enough With The New York Times Or The Republicans'

I’m tired of watching the New York Times being able to continue to suck us all dry and destroy the Republican Party because of the shamelessly stupid garbage they spew. So last week, I did something I hadn’t done in over a year–I did my own colloquy for the Times.

Out of context statements like “conservative activists” may be nothing new, but when you scream them from the rooftops about finding centrist candidates like Mike Pence the waste time and outrage over a $3 billion Trump tax break that helped oncologists and chemists win the lottery, guys like Daphne Wise and like the New York Times gives people nothing else but “we are bad people” man.

Republicans appear to be blind and deaf to the outrage because of their love of narratives. If every New York Times hit piece could be retold as part of the larger New York Times narrative why would people care if other people painted a picture of them?

The story and effect here is that Trump and Republicans have been ‘cowed’ into pulling out the sleaziest smear job they could to continue to keep their Democratic enemies from taking over Congress by the size of our wallets.

And I’m tired of hearing the excuses.

Is the Times lying? I don’t know. They are sure to pay a very big fine but it does seem as if the article dropped the “other people paint a picture” on the millions of #TaxReform Americans in support of the Trump tax cuts who believe there is a conspiracy to “defraud” them of a loss of funds.

I was with a woman on Tuesday, a Republican, who told me that the Times just kind of dropped in the names and suggested that the money in their 401(k) was going to be taken away from them and they were afraid.

Unfortunately, going back to the 70’s and 80’s, we all saw what losing tax incentives did to American families.

This woman from Texas who has large profits in the 401(k) and a kid in college: “Gosh…gotta get them conservative again.”

Is this lady a monster? And again and again and again, she yells louder: “We are conservatives. We are good people. We work hard, pay our taxes, etc. etc. Then it got pretty ugly for us with other people painting a picture that this was something that is not right. I can’t help it. It’s how I feel.”

And the bogus New York Times piece forces her to go back to talking about this topic when she already been at the dinner table and at the coffee shop and with her business partner for years talking about what is possible: the Republicans are not as bad as the media makes them out to be.

The failure of the swamp in Washington to appropriately clean it out and fix things is driving the expectation that every time they spill the beans on others they get a raise.

It’s time for Cesar De Jesus’ side to stop backing up the Wall Street Haters Party of New York City and all they have achieved is to convince a couple of votes every so often that they are actually enemies.

Stop funding their crusades to destroy Republicans. If you want to hear about Republican “negotiations” you can watch the current Republican Congress debate ‘Medicare for All.’

Call them out for being the party of “Medicare for One” and it’s really a movement of people like Al Franken who are stepping up because their wallet is either full or they have no other option.

They should be forced to answer why they fund Republican legislative campaigns across the country, specifically a lot of work where the party machine is supported by a group of self-interested, greedy developers, and not involved in a fair and balanced discussion.

I am tired of constantly being attacked for poor judgment and made to look bad. Truthfully, I honestly don’t care, as long as you are forced to answer all of the questions that are asked of you by other people in order to get rich.

Americans do not have a realistic choice these days in their campaigns. They have been pigeonholed and robbed of their constitutional right to vote by non-elected journalists who make a living off of demonizing and calling them racist as they have little choice but to get used to it.

The Democratic Party should be more worried with their underwhelming losses than the optics of New York Times articles. It’s clear what their motivation is and more importantly, it’s getting very old.

So enough already. Enough with the New York Times or the Republicans.

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