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Brazil’s King Kong singer will not be returning any of his calls

Brazil’s King Kong singer will not be returning any of his calls

Gal Costa, legendary Brazilian singer, has died at age 77, a source at his son’s office confirmed to the BBC.

It is not clear when he died, but a message posted on his son’s Twitter account said it is “a very sad day for the family and close friends.”

The message said Costa had suffered a stroke at his home in Rio de Janeiro. There was also no immediate word from the singer’s son, who is running for Congress in Rio.

Last week, Costa’s son, Antonio Costa, told the BBC that the star had been “really bad” the day before he was found unresponsive in his apartment at about 3:45 a.m.

“It’s a very difficult situation. He’s my father, and I love him. He’s a very good guy,” the son said.

The singer’s last tweet in 2016 was a celebration of their anniversary.

He was known for his sultry voice and wry sense of humor.

“I will not be returning any of my calls,” Costa wrote at the time. “I’m sorry. I have many songs to perform, and they will all be new.”

Born in Brazil’s southernmost state of Rio, Costa, whose family moved to Rio in the 1950s, had a long career that brought him to prominence with his hit songs “Elimina a Maria” and “The Girl from Ipanema.”

He gained wider renown in 2014 for his song “Pelo menos, meu cachorro.”

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In the late 1970s, he was known for his catchy renditions of songs sung by his teenage friends.

He was also known for his catchphrase “Que lindo é o seu amor” — translated as “Is love beautiful?” His message to

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